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Mining Technology is an integral part of the mining industry throughout the entire mining life cycle, from exploration, production to closure and post mining land use. Embracing the latest technological innovations has helped mining companies improve efficiency, lower costs and enhance profits. 

Given the importance of technology, we are including ‘MiningTech’ in the conference main agenda to highlight the latest mining technological innovations, research and future solutions that will transform the mineral resources industry.  


Launched in 2018, 'MiningTech' is the latest conference element added to complement the Conference's current focus on mining financing and gender diversity.


With this dedicated focus, miners can expect to hear from established technology providers on how the latest innovations can improve their mining operations while investors can also seek out new investment opportunities in up and coming technological firms.


Most importantly, MiningTech provides technological service providers an ideal platform to showcase their products through exhibition stands, speaking roles and other branding opportunities.  

Topics include:

  • Jet planes to cut down mine travelling time

  • Drone technology for effective mine surveillance

  • Robots to explore underground mines

  • Software for 3D mine modelling

  • Apps to improve mine logistics and much more. 


The benefits of technology for the mining sector is endless. Join us and be a part of the mining technology transformation. 

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